About Lizz

Lizz Lunney is a comic illustrator from Birmingham, UK. She is interested in the important questions like "What does it all mean?" "Is anything else out there?" as well as the insignificant questions like "How many pancakes can I eat?" "How did that monkey escape?".

Her digital comics are published by Top Shelf Productions, print comics available in German from Zwerchfell Verlag and in English from Blank Slate Books. You can find her range of greetings cards in various stockists in the UK including Paperchase and WHSmiths.

Clients include: UK Greetings, Threadless, The Brothers McLeod, Zwerchfell Verlag, Top Shelf, Computer Arts, I Dress Myself, 6/8 Kafe, Merino, McKechnies, Pennyfest, Comical Animal, Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science, OFFLIFE, Chicks Dig Jerks, Le Truc, Edible Brum, The Warehouse Cafe, The Web and Mini Comix Thing and many more.

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About Lizz


Take Away! (Published by Blank Slate November 2013)
At The Theme Park (September 2013)
At The End of Your Garden (November 2012)
At The Caves (March 2012)
Depressed Cat: Nine Miserable Lives (November 2011)
Ich liebe Katzen und Katzen lieben mich (Published by Zwerchfell June 2011)
At The Planetarium (March 2011)
Romantic Bison (March 2011)
Big Cat Parade (2010)
Leopards in Leotards/Dust (2010)
Tubetastic/Unicorns and Werewolves (2010)
Magic Biro Comic (2009)
Sushi Karaoke (2009)
Beautiful Candle Boy (2008)
A Unicorn Trapped Under a Rainbow (Crying) (2008)
Cat Hearts/Peanut Butter and Marshmallows (2008)
Bears In Your Face/The Man With Tetris On His Chin (2008)
I Love Dinosaurs (And They Love Me) (2008)
Tofu and Cats/A Dinosaur Tale (2007)
Party Animals (2006)
Waiting For Sushi (2005)

Solipsistic Pop Issue 4 (4 page story) (November 2011)
Ink and Paper Issue 1 (2 page story) (November 2011)
Solipsistic Pop Issue 3 (4 page story) (November 2010)
Solipsistic Pop Issue 2 (5 page story) (April 2010)
Paper Science (2009/2010)
Cat Odes (2010)
Garden Funnies Issue 2 (2 page story) (2009)
Out of This World- Threadless Colouring Book (2010)
Adventure-Threadless Colouring Book (2009)
Zine Arcade Issue 2 (2008)
Zine Arcade Issue 1 (2007)


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